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Photography: Online Learning URCE by Azeb Tadesse



The University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) and the University of Rwanda-College of Education (UR-CE), under the auspices of the Women’s Leadership Program funded by USAID, partnered in a project that focused on fostering strategies that promote gender awareness in education. Partners worked on building the institutional capacity of UR-CE and its affiliated Teacher Training colleges to expand and enhance the quality of faculty research and provide data that informs educational equity policies and procedures. The project served over a thousand participants. Moreover, the project was able to surpass the threshold of 33% female participation, a challenging accomplishment as women are not well represented at the tertiary education level in the country. ​Project activities included:

  • Diversifying learning and training by integrating technology 

  • Targeted outreach and awareness programs

  • Creating gender-sensitive curricula 

  • Promoting gender-sensitive research approaches and projects

  • Conducting institutional capacity building activities

Building and Management Training

Capacity building focused on training that offered targeted heads of departments and deans in formulating institutional priorities and managing strategic planning processes for their units. Additionally, data management and developing inter-relational data bases and reports was supported by the UCLA Institutional Research Office, which provided URCE planning staff with an overview of their operations and hands-on training on creating reports from existing institution data sets. 

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