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Photography: Ankra Market in Rwanda by Azeb Tadesse


At the UCLA Capacity Building Center, we prioritize co-learning, equitable partnerships, and the open exchange of ideas and experiences. In our partnership model, partners are active participants in a journey of knowledge creation, collective growth, and shared progress. We foster a balanced and inclusive environment where every participant has a voice, leading to project outcomes that are highly responsive to the specific needs of the communities we work with.

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Higher Education Innovations

Colombia System of Higher Education

A research project examining: How can Colombia’s public and private universities, faced with major financial, political and organizational challenges, fulfill the twin missions of education for all (social inclusion) and quality assurance (excellence) in the Post-Conflict era?

University of Rwanda

Under the auspices of Higher Education for Development (HED) and funded by USAID Women's Leadership Program UCLA partnered with University of Rwanda College of Education in a project that focused on fostering strategies that promote gender awareness in education.

Addis Ababa University

(2009) Partnership with Addis Ababa University on benchmarking and assembling of best practices in education administration and management and business processes. (2010) Under the auspices of Africa-US Higher Education Initiative funded by USAID, Addis Ababa University (AAU)–UCLA partnered to develop a plan to build the capacity of AAU’s School of Business and School of Economics.

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