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Higher education expansion is a global trend that has seen dramatic enrollment increases as knowledge economies expand and the role of higher education in national development and economic growth has become widely recognized and accepted. The CBC is undertaking long-term research of two critical areas impacting expansion of higher education:

  • The integration of technology into higher education

  • The development of a quality assurance system that facilitates student mobility.

Watch the video on the impact of online learning on women.


Globalization and the post-industrial economy have fueled the push for a new skills agenda and greater access for higher education. Although still in the early days, Information and Communication Technology (ICT) can become one centerpiece in expanding access and meeting new skills and training demands. In many economies, where augmenting infrastructure and teaching staff are prohibitively expensive, technology can help bridge the gap between availability and needs, thereby increasing access to higher education.

The digital and knowledge-based economy have changed the nature of work, increasing demand for access for education and training in Africa. Addressing this problem begins with tackling the twin challenges of access and relevance and instituting fundamental changes that include renewed skills agenda along with innovative strategies to deliver the most appropriate combination of foundational, technical, digital, and socio-emotional skills to a growing number of students. EdTech Integration Into Higher Education in Africa examines the integration of educational technology into higher education institutions to address access and relevance.

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The Educational Effectiveness Platform assesses institution’s data management capacity and processes, then develops recommendations for improvement to strengthen and nurture the ability to:

  • Perform complex analysis

  • Disaggregate data for in-depth analysis

  • Produce accurate data for planning

Support implementation of recommendations for enhanced data management capacity that will:


  • Introduce techniques to foster institutional research capacity

  • Improve current data handling and institutional research methods

  • Increase research capacity to enhance planning and accountability

Impact of effective data management process includes:

  • Increased technical staff capacity

  • Improved data handling mechanism

  • Reduced time and effort in producing reports

  • High quality analysis

EdTech in Higher Education

Educational Effectiveness Platform

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