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Photography: Havana, Cuba by Dr. Walter Allen


Reviewing Reports at Desk

Monitoring and


The CBC offers M&E services for projects, programs, and organizations along with learning component based on findings. Services include design and development of methodology that is unique and specific to the assignment and considers program dynamics, stakeholders and the areas of implementation. Services available include needs assessments, baseline studies, formative as well as process, output, outcome and impact evaluations.

Higher Education

The Capacity Assessment Platform(Cap) evaluates operations, academic, administrative, and student services. The instrument is a central component of services offered to higher education institutions to develop a holistic understanding of their existing capacity and identify areas for improvement. CBC reaches into its roster of experts and practitioners with extensive experience and who can offer industry best practices to address strategic issues such as the strengthening of teaching, research, student and faculty services, and thematic and specialized centers.


Quality Assurance External Evaluation

The CBC provides Quality Assurance assistance for Low Resourced Universities in their efforts to maintain “academic excellence.”  Our experts have served as consultants, External Reviewers and Visiting Faculty with universities in Zimbabwe, South Africa, Ethiopia, Rwanda, Cameroon, Ghana, Colombia, Brazil, the West Indies, Russia, Moldova and the United States. CBC identifies and implements “Best Practices” for the improvement of institutional processes and operations to support academic excellence. 

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