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Photography: Old Post Office in Addis Ababa by ​Azeb Tadesse


The UCLA CBC has developed the Capacity Assessment Platform (CAP), a diagnostic instrument and process that assesses the capacity and effectiveness of educational institutions in target areas.

​CAP is a customized diagnostic instrument administered through a consultative process that helps institutions assess their capacity in different areas in order to identify targets for academic and operational improvements. The assessment measures effectiveness using 123 variables across 12 dimensions in four key areas:

(i) Institutional Overview


​(iii) Instruction

(ii) Institutional Operations &

Strategic Direction

​(iv) Student Services

The assessment identifies operational, institutional, and behavioral goals and outcomes to develop action plans that clearly articulate institutional goals and tracking progress using specific, measurable, and verifiable metrics. It is a process of determining and identifying resources as well as inefficiencies and disconnects that need to be addressed to increase capacity.


© CAP Concept by CBC

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