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Andrey Rezaev


Professor Andrey Rezaev, Ph.D. is an internationally recognized scholar who is doing academic work and research both in the USA and Russia (Research Professor at the University of Connecticut (October 2015 – June 2017). He has also held visiting positions teaching at numerous universities worldwide, including Rikkyo University (Japan), University of Western Ontario (Canada), University of Trento (Italy), University of Regensburg (Germany), Institute of Political Studies in Lille (France), University of Latvia (Latvia), and University of Sodortorn (Sweden).​He graduated from Leningrad State University and obtained an MA in Political Science from Central European University (Hungary), and PhD in Social Philosophy from St Petersburg State University (Russia). He was twice awarded with the Fulbright Scholarship to study, to teach and conduct research in the USA: as a junior scholar at Boston University, 1994/95 academic year, and as a Senior Scholar-in-Residence in the University of Maine system in 2005/06.​Rezaev’s research interests are oriented toward comparative strategies for research in the social sciences and institutional analysis. He is the author of 5 books and more than 70 articles published both in English and in Russian. He has published extensively on sociological accounts of Artificial Intelligence, theory and methodology of comparative sociology, comparative migration and transnationalism, comparative capitalism and socio-economic development in the Eurasian countries.

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